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Public Opinion Research

Accurate data critical to your success.

Public Opinion Research

Whether you are a candidate for public office, a company launching a new brand campaign, or an organization looking to further your progressive agenda, accurate data is critical to your success.

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Qualitative Research

Insights based on listening to people.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is predicated on listening to people. Focus groups are often an important step in a comprehensive research program designed to understand your target audience.

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Planning & Communications

Identifying and achieving your goals.

Planning & Communications

As circumstances and markets change, effective organizations must understand the impact on their fields and adapt. GBA applies our experience to help you identify and achieve your goals.

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National Survey Finds Americans Want A Balanced Supreme Court

Our latest poll with Navigator Research finds Americans want a balanced Court, not a politically charged Supreme Court that may fall out of step with American values. Concerned about the fate of health care, many Americans worry protections for pre-existing conditions may be revoked.

Abortion, the influence of money in politics, and conflicts of interest are also top-of-mind for Americans.

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July 11th, 2018|

Margie Omero Co-Founds New Coalition Aiming To Help Progressive Messaging In The Trump Era

Navigator Research is a new initiative aimed to provide monthly guidance for progressives on winning key policy arguments. The inaugural report explores what the most effective messaging is on the economy, corruption, and norm-breaking in the Trump administration.

Key findings indicate the best way for progressives to talk about the economy is to focus on Americans' worries about their future finances and their sense that most economic gains are going to "the top".

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April 18th, 2018|

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