Public Opinion Research

Accurate data critical to your success.

Public Opinion Research

Whether you are a candidate for public office, a company launching a new brand campaign, or an organization looking to further your progressive agenda, accurate data is critical to your success.

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Qualitative Research

Insights based on listening to people.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is predicated on listening to people. Focus groups are often an important step in a comprehensive research program designed to understand your target audience.

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Planning & Communications

Identifying and achieving your goals.

Planning & Communications

As circumstances and markets change, effective organizations must understand the impact on their fields and adapt. GBA applies our experience to help you identify and achieve your goals.

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GBA Strategies is Hiring!

GBA Strategies is seeking applicants for the following positions in its DC office:

    Senior Associate

December 2nd, 2015|

GBA Strategies Welcomes Michelle Mayorga

Michelle Mayorga, our new Vice President, is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. She joins us from the AFL-CIO.

Michelle has spent nearly two decades working on campaigns, progressive issues, and in local and national administrations.

October 22nd, 2015|

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GBA Strategies In The News

9May 2016

Americans Overwhelmingly Support a Hearing and Vote on Merrick Garland’s Nomination

Large majorities across parties oppose the GOP plan, and vulnerable Republican Senators could pay a price for their obstruction.

4Mar 2016

Poll Supports Juvenile Justice Reform

A majority of Americans support closing youth prisons, redirecting savings to rehabilitation and prevention programs.

5Feb 2016

New Polling from End Citizens United

75% of voters oppose Citizens United - and where a candidate stands on special interest money matters.

3Dec 2015

GOP is Repeating its Mistakes, Remains Out of Touch with the Jewish Community

Intense opposition to Republican presidential front-runners among American Jews, 75 percent view Trump unfavorably.

3Dec 2015

Jewish Voters Hold Strong Ties to the Democratic Party that are Not Easily Broken

Jim Gerstein: The only potential problem that Democrats have with Jewish voters is that there aren’t more of them.

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