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Economic Innovation Group & EY
Sept. 22, 2016 | Public Release

Millennials are the future of the U.S. economy. But when it comes to their future, and the future of the country, they are a deeply pessimistic generation. EY and EIG conducted a new national public opinion survey of 1,200 Millennials to gauge their views on a variety of issues related to the economy at all levels—personal, local, and national—and the challenges they face almost seven years into the recovery from the Great Recession. The results outlined below paint a complex picture of a generation convinced the economy is failing them, one that is willing to work hard to better their lot, and one that is very uncertain about what comes next.

Millennials in 2016:
• Concerned about the economy they inherited
• Deeply conflicted about the cost-benefit of college education
• Face high levels of student and other long-term debt
• Distrustful of traditional institutions
• Willing to work hard but are pursuing a risk averse career path
• Believe entrepreneurship is essential to the national economy … but out of reach personally

On behalf of EY and the Economic Innovation Group, Public Opinion Strategies and GBA Strategies conducted a survey of 1,200 18-34 year olds nationwide. Eight hundred and forty respondents were contacted online and 360 were contacted via cell phone. The survey was conducted June 15-20, 2016, and has a margin of error of + 2.83%.

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